Are you frustrated for wrong format .csv when using Microsoft Excel.  Here is the article help you get out of it.

Most people miss the way to save UTF-8 with Excel.
Choose Save As… from the file menu and then on the Save As dialog box, look for an item called Tools with a little downwards tick beside it.
Click it and a dropdown menu opens with one of the selections being Web Options…
Select and on the next dialog box that opens up select the tab Encoding. Set your encoding to UTF-8, OK back to the Save As dialog box, make sure your Save as type: under the file name is CSV and save your file.

If it doesn’t work , so you can try other way like i did to import .csv in magento. Hope it helps.
I do exactly like it said, but nothing is imported . So, I try another way to do it. Here is how :
By default, Excel will encode file as ANSI, so the problem is when we try to import in magento, it will do nothing with it although there is valid data. In order to get correctly format a .csv file for Magento using Microsoft Excel , We can fix it as below :
+ Using notepad window to open it and save as UTF-8 .csv file.
+ Them, open it by notepadd++, and save it as encoding Utf-8 without BOM
After that, you can import it as normal way.
See the image for more information


Format a .csv file magento step one


Format a .csv file magento step two


Format a .csv file magento step three

step_4 Format a .csv file magento step four


Format a .csv file magento step five

Format a .csv file magento step six