This is tutorial for guiding create a button adding multiple products to wishlist in category page. Let’s start !
Firstly, We need to create a button. Go to the the file : app/design/frontend/default/your-current-theme/catalog/product/list.phtml

Put this code . Notice my highlighter code



Secondly, We also need a controller to handle this action. I recommend you to create a new controller which is extended Mage_Wishlist_IndexController .

In this case, to easy management we create a new module , so we can disable or custom it later.

Create app/etc/modules/Yourcompany_Wishlist.xml for registering new module in magento :


Create app/code/local/Yourcompany/Wishlist/etc/config.xml


Create a controller to handle request adding multiple products to wishlist

Try to refresh your cache to see this changes. That’s finish. Happy coding!