I have written an extension support save all items from cart to wishlist in magento.
This extension help customers easy to save all the cart items to their wishlist for later order.
It supports all kind of products in magento : Simple product, configurable product, bundle product , simple product with custom option
It will compatible with magento community :  1.7.x.x,1.8.x.x

Images for demo extension are listed as below :


Saving all items from cart to wishlist in magento step 1


Saving all items from cart to wishlist in magento step 2

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make it done. Here is how :

1/ Create a xml file Inbusiness_Wishlist.xml to declare your module . It is located in : app/etc/modules/Inbusiness_Wishlist.xml



2/ Create app/code/local/Inbusiness/Wishlist/etc/config.xml as the below code :


3/ Create Inbusiness_Wishlist_Checkout_CartController which is extended from Mage_Checkout_CartController to handle save all items from cart to wishlist. By default,Mage_Checkout_CartController only have empty_cart, update_qty and default action. So , I added more option : update_wislist.


4/ Adding new button “Update all items to wishlist” below “Clear Shopping Cart” button in  app/design/frontend/your_current_packagetheme/your_current_theme/template/checkout/cart.phtml


Happy coding. Please leave your comment if you have any troubles with it. Feel free to contact with me.